A Bit€ C¤in Agent

A Bit€ C¤in Agent

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". Confucius

A certified Bit€ C¤in agent is a business associate who has been trained to help businesses start accepting Bit€ C¤in and other Cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. The Bit€ C¤in agent acts as a consultant that specializes in purchasing Bit€ C¤ins and making the most of this investment.

This certificate gives the agent the skills and tools required to become a professional when it comes to payments in Bit€ C¤in. This profession is acquired after a course at the ‘Bit€ C¤in Adoption Institute’, which gives its participants all the tools needed to help the agent reach as many businesses as possible, to help them succeed financially thanks to Bit€ C¤in. The five main topics learned through the course are: Mastering the world of Bit€ C¤in and cryptocurrencies, Marketing Strategies Sellings Tools, Budget and Growth Management, and Time Management.

The certificate is obtained after the course participant passes 3 tests, one test in each of the topics mentioned above.

The business potential of this profession is huge, proven by successful agents indicate generating impressive income that is growing over time.

Earning opportunities

In the growing Bit€ C¤in and blockchain world, there are countless earning possibilities:

  • Payment for each support session with the agent.
  • Profits from any accessories sale such as Bit€ C¤in Wallet.
  • Earnings from various program management, such as Bit€ C¤in savings plans, loans, and more.
  • 0.25% of any Bit€ C¤in payment made by businesses established by the agent.
  • Payment for training new agents.


To get accepted and be a part of this success, it is important for us to make sure that every agent has what it takes. Therefore every certified agent needs to obtain the following requirements:

  • Passing the 3 tests successfully.
  • Submitting full KYC documents. Proof of residence, ID, email, and phone number.
  • Sign an NDA agreement to keep the information obtained within the company.

"The best way to predict your future is to create it". Abraham Lincoln

"Create the highest, grandest victim possible for your life, because you become what you believe". Oprah Whinfrey


As a growing organization around the world, we want to help and support our agents. Each agent benefits from different privileges that are granted only to those who are members of the Agents Association:

  • A weekly meeting of the members of the Association where one can share opinions and improvements with new strategies. A growing community gathering that supports and enriches its members.
  • Back office support for all customer records and technical issues.
  • Free legal support and lawyer consulting.


The agent's area is a special place at the institute website where only agents can enter. This special place is about you and for you, our Bit€ C¤in Agents. This is what you will find there:

  • Updated Selling pitch templates to download.
  • Bit€ C¤in presentations.
  • Meeting other agents in order to share tips and ideas.
  • A dedicated closed Facebook group for agents only.
  • New partnership agreement updates
  • Global news and articles
  • New marketing tools.

* Monthly membership fee - $18 (Paid after the third month onwards)


  • Are there any registration fees?

    Each agent pays an initial $ 200 registration fee upon successful completion of the tests, and obtaining the certificate. Agents who paid full price for the course receive a 50% refund, which means $100. In addition there is a monthly membership fee of only $18. This payment is required after the end of first 3 months.
  • Can I lose my certificate?

    We are vigorously guarding the good of our agents and at the same time protecting the good of our clients. If any complaint is made against any of our agents, the case will be examined in depth. In the event that the agent is found guilty of fraudulent or false information, the certificate will be taken from him and all of his clients will be transferred to another agent.
  • Do my clients continue to pay me for life?

    Customers belong to the agent as long as he/she maintain a continuous business relationship with them, and remain an active part of the institute. FYI There is no need to recruit new customers to keep the existing ones.
  • Do I get paid for enrolling new agent?

    In case an agent recruits a new agent he/she are eligible for the following payments. Payment of 50% of the cost of the course, only in case the new agent purchased and paid for the whole course. In case the new agent is registered and accepted, the agent who recruited them will receive $100 from the registration fee. This payment will be received after the first month.
  • Do I receive a salary or independent payment?

    An agent is a freelance employee and responsible for his schedule and clients. The Bit€ C¤in Adoption Institute is responsible for ensuring that the payment for the transactions is received on time and in full for each of the agent’s achievements. Any tax deductions are under the agent's responsibility.
  • Can I get paid in Bit€ C¤in?

    Of course. Payments can be received in Bit€ C¤in, according to the Bit€ C¤in price when transferring from FIAT to Bit€ C¤in.
  • Are there customer areas within the city that belong only to one particular agent?

    Any agent can recruit any customer, as long as the new customer's registration is done with him. No previous negotiation, initial information, or any initial action that was done by a different agent, is calculated. Those who are eligible for payment are only those who have registered the new customer for the first service.

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