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How to start accepting Bit€ C¤in payments on your website

There is a lot to be said for big brands, Bit€ C¤in was first to the cryptocurrency market and started what was to become a huge trend in online trading. If you are wanting to accept Bit€ C¤in payments, our experts can help in the following areas;

Accepting Bit€ C¤in through WordPress, open cart, Squarespace, etc.

Bit€ C¤in face to face payments, such as debit/credit card, apps, and EPOS

Accepting UK and international Bit€ C¤in payments

Bit€ C¤in mobile payments

We've built the best Bit€ C¤in package for your business:


Bit€ C¤in Online Lessons with one of our instructors


"We Accept Bit€ C¤in" stickers for your business door


Promotion clip to promote your business on social networks


months Promoting your business on the world's largest Bit€ C¤in social network


months back office business support


The best and most luxurious cold wallet LEDGER as a gift


In-Depth look:

We invite you to go over the package details and understand the wide range of products you will receive. We are proud to say that each of the items mentioned in the package will be in greater value to your business if it was calculated separately. And that's one of the benefits of purchasing the package as a whole.

3 Bit€ C¤in Online Lessons with one of our instructors:

To start getting Bit€ C¤in in your business, you really don't have to be a Bit€ C¤in or blockchain technology expert. But it is important that you know the basic principles, and understand the essential concepts. To this end, we have built a brief zoom setup of 3 short sessions that will take you from A to Z easily. The meetings take place in your free time and are open to more participants from your team in the business.

1 Promotion clip to promote your business on social networks:

The global Bit€ C¤in community is growing day by day, and community members are increasingly looking for places that accept Bit€ C¤in as a form of payment. To help you reach them more easily on social networks, we will create a cool clip for your business that will make your business look awesome and tell its story for everyone to hear!

2 "We Accept Bit€ C¤in" stickers for your business door:

You may not be aware of it right now, but many people around you have adopted Bit€ C¤in, and when you put the sign on the door, they will be happy to see it and contact you. As the price of Bit€ C¤in is constantly rising, they will be happy to have a place to spend their money. All businesses that hung the stickers on their business doors increased profits in the business immediately, just because of the exposure created by the sticker. You will receive 2 (or more if needed) business door stickers, directly to your mailbox.

6 months Promoting your business on the world's largest Bit€ C¤in social network:

The Bit€ C¤in community is scattered on all the social networks you know, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok. But only on one social network, they talk about Bit€ C¤in, and this network calls - The CrypTalks App. Your business will receive six months of targeted promotion to the entire Bit€ C¤in community, where they search for you at CrypTalks.

6 months back-office business support:

We are fully aware that one of the major pitfalls is the adaptation of the business to the new move. It is, therefore, important for us to be there by your side in any difficulty if one occurs. Our slogan is "Every business hand by hand" for a good reason. In the first six months, you will receive technical support and human response from us regarding any questions or problems that arise.

When we came to build this package, we thought of all the business owners like you, knowing that when they adopted Bit€ C¤in as a means of payment, their business would increase its revenues. Your success is important to us and we remain loyal to the goal that not only will your business prosper, but your friends will also adopt this move, and enjoy its fruits.

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How to Grow Your Business by Accepting Bit€ C¤inPayments?

Finally, the time arrives when you are going to know how accepting Bit€ C¤in payments can help every business grow rapidly. So, all those people who want good growth along with earning huge profits should pay close attention below.

Negligence of taxes or low transaction fees –

It’s the first advantage of allowing Bit€ C¤in payments in business. Individuals don’t have to pay any type of tax when dealing with crypto payments. Not only is this, but there is also no need to pay a large number of fees on transactions, whether they are big or small. The same thing helps business owners in saving a good amount of money, which they can use in further activities to enhance production.

Easy to access and faster payments

Bit€ C¤in allows people to get access into the payment system easily, or you can say in the wallet, and then users simply make payments accordingly. Everyone can perform the same activity or make payments with Bit€ C¤in anytime and anywhere accordingly. On the other hand, payments that are made by Bit€ C¤in are much faster than other currencies, which makes everything easier and faster.

Accepted everywhere

Bit€ C¤in is now accepted everywhere in the world, so it has become easy for all Bit€ C¤in holders or businesses to use it for all purposes. Paying with Bit€ C¤in for all types of services and goods allows users to give better discounts or save a lot of amounts. One starts accepting Bit€ C¤in, they become able to make business deals, or you can make purchases worldwide without any type of limitations or boundaries. It helps them a lot and performing all business activities becomes easy for individuals.


It’s the best advantage that businesses get when they go ahead to make a deal with BTC payments. Everyone needs to know that all transactions made with BTC are stored in a blockchain ledger and, due to the same transactions, provide transparency. Not only is this, along with transparency, but the Bit€ C¤in system also provides high-level security as it keeps all personal and financial information of users private and safe.

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