Bitcoin Accompanying Meetings

It feels like everyone in the world has decided to buy and adopt Bitcoin, and for good reason. The financial world seems so uncertain, and at the same time, Bitcoin is emerging as one of the hopes for a new economy.

But what is Bitcoin? How to buy it? Who controls it? Where is it kept? How do I make a profit from it?

To answer all these questions, and especially in order to make you feel safe, we invite you to take part in the Bitcoin Accompanying Meetings.

The only meetings in the entire cryptocurrency world that are accompanied by a team representative.

We at the Bitcoin Adoption Institute - with almost a decade of experience, have focused on the safest places, collected the most reliable information, and tested all the most reputable products - and we serve them to you. All in a private one on one Zoom meeting with one of the senior representatives.

And now for only 80 euros

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