The Certified Bitcoin-Agent Course Program Registration Page

The Certified Bit€ C¤in-Agent Course Program Registration Page

"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."

Thomas Jefferson

We take this role very seriously and we accept only the best from our agents.

So if you are dedicated, want to contribute to those around you, and want a better future for yourself - this is the place for you!

As a Certified Bit€ C¤in Agent, you will be part of a global community of agents that helps businesses and people improve their lives with the help of Bit€ C¤in Currency in particular and the Blockchain Network in general.

What's next?

Please read carefully the following 5 sections.

Please note that all sections are mandatory for anyone wishing to take part.


To get the certificate that gives you official approval to become an agent, you need to pass the following 3 tests. All the knowledge needed to pass the tests is in The Certified Bit€ C¤in-Agent Course.

If you have not yet taken the course - Register Here

Test #1 Bit€ C¤in, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


Test #2 Marketing


Test #3 Selling



In order to allow different individuals to become our representatives, we must do everything possible to prevent fraudsters from entering the system. That's why we're obligated to ask you to submit to the Bit€ C¤in Adoption Institute a full KYC documentation. We maintain the privacy of our agents and our clients with diligence.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with The Bit€ C¤in Institute.

Download, Read, Sign and Send to support@Bit€ C¤

Zoom One on One meeting

Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with The Bit€ C¤in Institute.

Meet one of our representatives for a personal conversation through Zoom.

A One-Time Registration Fee

Pay the one-time registration fee - $200

(Note! If you paid a full price on the course, you will receive a 50% discount)

Many people are waiting for you. Many business owners want to meet you. Your new future is here. Reach Out and grab it!