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We've got all the tools you need to get Bit€ C¤in to your business and your private life.

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Business Top


  • Business set-up
  • Business team training
  • 12 One on One Zoom Support session
  • Promotion Package
  • 4 "We Accept Bit€ C¤in" door stickers
  • 24/7 Troubleshooting support
  • $100 Marketing Voucher

Business Basics


  • Business set-up
  • 3 One on One Zoom Support session
  • 4 "We Accept Bit€ C¤in" door stickers

Displayed prices are for yearly subscriptions, paid in full at the time of purchase. Prices do not include applicable taxes, which are determined according to your billing address. The final price can be seen on the purchase page, before payment is completed. The Marketing Vouchers are third party services and products and therefore are subject to the Terms of Use of such providers.

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Premium Plans In Details:

Business set-up:

Everything your business needs to start receiving Bit€ C¤in, according to its requirements. Opening up Bit€ C¤in wallets safely. Proper distribution of public Bit€ C¤in wallet addresses. Proper budget management. Close support of the business in the early stages of adoption of the new form of payment.

Business Team Training:

3 Training sessions with your team leaders or shift managers. The rules and applications they need to know to make your job more comfortable. Exact guidance to get the team comfortable with Bit€ C¤in payments.

One on One Zoom Support Session:

Monthly private online meetings with our support team. Taking care of all the needs that arise throughout the workweek.

24/7 Troubleshooting Support:

Our technical support team is available to solve your problems around the clock. The referral is through email and is accepted as soon as possible, according to the availability of the back office team.

‘We Accept Bit€ C¤in’ door stickers:

The official Bit€ C¤in community stickers on your business door. Your customers who wish to pay in Bit€ C¤ins will be able to contact you directly to process the payment, while you’ll be raising awareness of your business to new potential clients.

Marketing Voucher:

Use this awesome coupon to promote your business with clips, banners, and even advertisements. Our marketing team is very experienced in properly addressing the Bit€ C¤in community, and knows how to talk to them and drive them to action.