Different studies show that about 1.5% of the world's population owns Bitcoin. Is it really so?

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The owner of 7,002 BTC worth $245 million has lost his private keys and soon could forget about his means forever.

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Here is a new version of what is causing the Bitcoin rally lately. Pantera Capital believes that PayPal and Square are buying every new mined Bitcoin to bring scarcity in the markets, causing a BTC rally.

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According to Willy Woo, the popular crypto analyst, Bitcoin’s user base is growing faster than the Internet’s. He predicted that in 4 years BTC community will reach one billion users.

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Could you and should you add Bitcoin into your investment portfolio? What are the best ways and strategies of Bitcoin investing you can use to make it profiting more, and losing less?

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There is hardly an unexplored corner of the digital assets world; Bitcoin and Blockchain are being implemented rapidly into every industry by big enterprises and small local shops. We can buy our coffee, a new smartphone, or pay for dinner in the restaurant with Bitcoin and other cryptos. But can we pay or get salaries in crypto? Is it worth it to get paid in Bitcoin?

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Forbes today issued its new 30 Under 30 version for 2021. It’s the list of America’s most successful entrepreneurs born after 1990 which Forbes publishes annually.

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As global market capitalization retakes $1 trillion, PayPal reaches its all-time high cryptocurrency volume in just 24 hours. 

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Why so? Digital currencies take place right in between stock trading and traditional currency trading.

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Bitcoin has plummeted to $30K for its first correction during the current bullish trend. A massive selloff knocked BTC off 15% just in 24 hours, making out the lowest mark since January 4.

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From $65,000 to $400,000 for a Bitcoin. Different people, different predictions, but all of them come to the consensus - Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation and a true store of value. Here we will talk about 7 Bitcoin price predictions from Bitcoin developers, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and longtime investors.

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There is no secret that Latin America is one of the undeveloped regions, still, it gives an example for the world's leading countries in interest, adoption, and trading digital assets. Around 1 out of every 3 people in Latin America are interested in digital currencies. But they don’t want to invest until they fully understand crypto.

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CoinGecko, the popular monitoring platform announced in its annual report on the developments of crypto assets that the top 30 digital currencies gained on average 300% in 2020. In addition, the most widely used stablecoins added $30 billion in circulation after a 440% increase.

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Seems like Ethereum`s internet searches and interest will soon surge to a new lever beating the 2017 record, according to Google Trends. TH price has just reclaimed $1,100, pushing the second cryptocurrency into the world`s top 100 assets.

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We can love Bitcoin and we can hate it. But there are hardly people who are indifferent to the world`s most advanced digital asset. Someone`s hate seems so intentional, that we can’t believe it, really.  Who are those people who can’t stomach Bitcoin? Is there a chance they are undercover holding it since long ago?

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Cryptocurrency exchanges in China are again undergoing high pressure from the authorities. A trading company from Singapore QCP Capital reported that Chinese miners have liquidity troubles and are prevented by the government from selling their digital assets. This odds in demand and supply has led the Bitcoin price to move to $18,000.

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Bitcoin gained over $4000 just in two days. How did it happen?

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According to Al Kelly, CEO of VISA, the international finance company is going to add digital currencies to its payment network which contains more than 70 million merchants and hundreds of millions of users around the world.

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According to Google Trends, the interest in BTC is continuing to grow. There are 4 countries where the Bitcoin search hit its All-Time High.

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We have collected numerous goods to buy with crypto for you to use your Bitcoin way more widely than you think. Get ready your coins!

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